Tao Energetics is based on releasing stress from the mind, body and spirit.  There is a mind – body – spirit connection existing within each healthy person.  With disease (chronic, acute, physical or emotional), this relationship is out of balance. 

Tao Energetics technique is a non-invasive, touch-free method that locates weak points and blocked energy.  Once these trouble spots have been located, an energetic correction is performed, which focused energy on the midline of the spine.  This process is repeated as weaknesses are found and corrected layer by layer.  When the process is complete, the person experiences an energy shift, and balance is restored to the whole person.


  • Chinese Qigong is a 3,000 year old, mind/body system of gentle, balanced movement, breath regulation, and concentration/imagination practices that complement modern, Western medicine.
  • All Qigong practice begins with mind/body relaxation.  It reduces our stress and enables us to feel Qi, get Qi, and use Qi.  Qi is our life energy, essential to healing and health.
  • Qigong practice opens our natural potentials to heal ourselves, to know health, to prevent disease, to generate vitality, and to help others heal.
  • Qigong practice is easy and effective and makes us happy.