Mavis noticed her gifts as a child when she heard angles and sprits guide whisper to her as she tried to sleep at night. She would go outside and sleep under the stars because she found comfort feeling the warm summer breeze on her face. The wind always brought stories of what was and what was to become. She just had to learn the language of the earth.

As she grew older, she realized that the land had many stories, the rocks would speak, slow and clam, the birds would chirp of the weather change, and the clouds would always bring messages of the past. She just had to learn to listen.

She would see bright violet light spark out of the trees as the sun started to dim.  She traveled to Mexico as a young adult where she found her first teacher, a woman, who taught her many secrets of the land.  She has studied with many teachers, of this world and many who are of the spirit world. She has traveled to many lands to work with many healers of their land and understand their culture and find out their cures.

As a corporate coach Mavis found ways to use her talents to help others find their inner strengths and create vision of what they want to do with their lives. Knowing energy, Mavis realized she could help change the corporate’s angry, fear based energy to a claim environment.  She started to develop leadership programs for high school students and showed them ways to remove blocks from achieving their goals.  Using the Wise Women traditions, Mavis has found and has been able to share her many talents in developing training for large and small corporations.    

With her gifts and natural talents she will guide you to recognize why things happen and how to bring compassion and balance into your life.

Working with many teachers Mavis has incorporate what she has learned to develop her own specific system.

She has has studies with Moe Abdelbaki Tarot, Qabalah, Egyptian mysticism and other Western mystical and magical systems. Laura Alonzo dé Franklin, MSW, is my Maestra de Curanderismo- Aztec Indigenous Medicine, Jon Chaverra - Tao Energetics, Master Tianyou Hao - Qigong Medicine, Larry Valmore - Psych-K, Suzanne Conti - DNA Activation, Language of Light, Masters Healing System, Karen Kuk-Nagle - Master of Crystology, Ron LaPlace - Merkaba and Flower of Life. coyocihautl - Women's spirit temezkalli, Mark Hudson - Astrology. Intensive Workshops and retreats with: Elena Avila - Mending Wings and Building Bridges Retreat, Jose Villoldo – Masters in Healing the Light Body, Ted Anderson – Time-Line Therapy, and Carolyn Myss – Sacred Contracts. South West School of Chinese Medicine, and Corporate Coach U (CCU).  She also holds a BA in English and Chicano Studies from Denver Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

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